What Does This Orgasmic Experience Offer?

We ask that you come to enjoy and/or present your craft to the group. There will be opportunity to film your craft as a shareable future promotion as we part ways to continue this sacred and important work in our respective growing communities. Special guests that attend are welcome to learn and engage other practitioners for private healing/learning sessions.

Each Day a practitioner will have the floor to share.

  • Orgasmic Exploration

When one understands the deeper nature of Orgasm, it is understood that it can be experienced in infinite ways. We will explore multilayered ways to connect to various means of Orgasmic Expression.

  • Practitioner Empowerment Discussions

  • Private Promotional Filming for Practioners 

 We will explore our old paradigms of sexuality that keep us from expressing the Divine Sexual Divinity. 

  • Touchless Orgasm 

Clinical Sexologist Nikki Morgan will share how Orgasm without Touch can assist in clearing old hurts, realign ourselves to our internal compass and how to bring this awareness home.

  • Hatha Yoga, Nude Yoga & Guided Meditation

Yoga classes are gentle enough for any level of yoga experience and are designed to revitalize and restore your body, calm the mind, reduce stress,and focus on breath work.

  •  Organic Locally Sourced Gourmet Meals Daily 

 We have carefully chosen a gourmet plant based Chef that can cater with multilayered awareness of how foods affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, chemically, and spiritually. Ingredients are all organic and locally sourced. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared fresh daily.

  • Emotional Release

Holding on to old emotions that are no longer relevant to your present being can shift our ability to make decisions that may be healthy for us. We will learn tools and exercises to assist us in ‘Letting Go’.

  • Labyrinth Walk

The Sacred Garden is a home up to walking labyrinth 7 circuit and 11 circuit. Variations of the 7-circuit labyrinth has been found from England to India, South America to North America, and from Greece to Scandinavia. How this exact same pattern found its way throughout the world is a bit of a mystery.

Just like a pilgrimage, the labyrinth offers a three-fold path;

The walk into the labyrinth, is a time for contemplating your life and letting go of any inner obstacles you may encounter—stress, grief, thoughts, feelings, judgment, self-doubt—in preparation for reaching the center. Notice what you experience as this will be the very thing the labyrinth is teaching you. If what you discover about yourself serves you, great—do it with intention. However, if you find that the way you maneuver through the labyrinth of life is not serving you, the labyrinth offers you an opportunity to experiment with new ways of going forth.

  • Vibrational Healing

 A catalyst to healing and transformation by transferring stagnant energy using singing bowls.

  • Connective Beach Drum Circle

 Experience the island’s liberating sunset drum circle (clothing optional).

  • Self-love & Pleasure Workshops

  • Progressive Communication

We’ll play with various ways of communication that speak directly to your intentions.

  • Native Hawaiian Herbal Medicine

We’ll discuss the importance and health benefits of native Hawaiian herbs and fruit.

  • Body Positive Communication & Activities

  • Private Accommodations on our Private 8.5 Acre Property

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